Jacobo Eid's work takes you back to your childhood. His pieces convey purity, innocence, vitality and energy. They manage to immerse you in the time when everything was laughter and love. With unconcern as a flag, they remind you that happiness is hidden behind an ice cream, a day at the beach, making new friends and waking up every morning excited about living new adventures. They invite you to get excited about simple things. Paraphrasing Antoine de Sain-Exupéry in his work The Little Prince “the essential is invisible to the eyes”.

Its production is free and without conditions, it explores new production processes building a universe through different languages. Pool toys melt together to create pop abstraction. He goes out to play in the street and stamps poems worthy of an eight-year-old schoolboy on the walls. Its resin vinyls are reminiscent of giant lollipops. He practices minimalism in oil paintings where he reproduces painter's palettes to delight the eye with the pure pleasure of color. Jacobo Eid has found happiness playing with the child he was, with his innocent and fresh gaze he invites us all to play with him.